Friday, February 28, 2014

Lebu Cha in Kolkata

Walking down Park Street - Kolkata, this afternoon, I couldn't resist that steaming cup of Lebu Cha at one of the street tea vendors (there's one almost every 200 meters selling this version of the Lemon Tea).

On the buzzing footpath of Park Street, the vendor had the whole set up on a makeshift counter - a Kettle with hot tea on what looked like a portable stove, wedges of lemon and little shot glasses sized paper cups.

A dash of lemon, a hint of rock salt and steaming hot tea poured from the kettle.. the magic potion was ready!
At Rs 5 a cup, this drink can refresh you for the next couple of hours .. and then you crave for your  next cup.. :-) Sip On!

The Lebu Cha set up
Mixing up the perfect cup
Lebu Cha!

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