Sunday, January 26, 2014

Chugging past paddy fields - The Konkan Coast

A train journey across the Konkan Coast (Western Maharashtra, India) is one of my favourite chugging trips!

Lush green paddy fields with thrifty farm folk tending to their crop.

Of course monsoon particularly brings out the best in this region but it's great any time of the year!

To experience the Konkan Coast, take a train from Mumbai to Goa: the Mandovi Express (day train) or Konkan Kanya Express (night train but almost day time when it crosses southern Maharashtra) amongst a host of other trains traversing this line.  

All in a day's (hard) work...

Chugging past shades of green
A mosque amidst the greens
A little temple by the roadside

Geometry in Nature!

Monsoons bring out the best in the Konkan region
Step out for a stretch at Chiplun station

My all time favourite train journey - the Konkan Coast


  1. Konkan railway is truly a breathe of fresh air! My favourite train ride is the Jan Shatabdi to Goa departing from Dadar at 5am. It is a superfast train and one zips across the western coast of Maharashtra and Goa within 9 hours! Lovely pictures ma'am!

  2. Thanks Rushikesh! Indeed the Konkan train journeys are something else! Of course the Jan Shatabdi (and now the Shatabdi too) is a zippier way to experience this too.. (and we all have our favorite trains :-))
    I do this stretch at least once a year by train and each journey has been a new one!